Drive out of Our Garage in a Car That Looks Brand New

Drive out of Our Garage in a Car That Looks Brand New

You'll be amazed by our auto detailing work in the Grand Ledge & Lansing, MI area

You've done your best to keep your car clean, but it's easy for some things to fall through the cracks. Instead of spending your weekend vacuuming the nooks and crannies, take your vehicle to Bob's PDR LLC for an auto detailing appointment.

We're a local auto detail shop based in the Grand Ledge & Lansing, MI area. Although we don't offer a la carte options, we do offer...

  • Full-service auto interior detailing: Shampooing your carpets, upholstery and headliner | Cleaning your trunk, compartments and panels | Vacuuming cup holders and crevices
  • Full-service auto exterior detailing: Removing insects and tar spots | Cleaning door jambs, wheels and wheel wells | Washing, waxing and drying your car by hand
  • Additional detailing services for a small fee: Vacuuming dog hair | Repairing excessive wear and tear | Refinishing your car using a 12-step paint correction process

You can schedule just interior detailing, just exterior detailing or both. It's up to you.
Call 517-648-2226 today to make an appointment for auto detailing services.

Ask us for a free quote

Before you schedule auto interior detailing services, get a free estimate from Bob's PDR. We'll quote you a competitive price based on...

  • The condition of your interior
  • How long we expect the job to take
  • Whether you need additional detailing services

Contact our Grand Ledge, MI-based auto detail shop today to learn more.